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Adder cadabra!    Are adders disappearing before our very eyes?   Many say they are.  We at Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (ARC) invite you, your friends and relatives to help us find out.   We need your  recollections, stories and observations, both past and present.



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Nick Baker, well known naturalist and presenter of the BBC's Really Wild Show meets an adder. We thank Nick for his support for this project about which he says:-


"Not being the most extrovert of creatures, the presence of Adders is one that is probably stronger in folk-lore and local legend than in real life. Even in places where I know them to be fortunately fairly common, stories at the bar are as close as most get or want to get to this beauty of a beast.

While we are very much aware of the plight of more obvious and less ‘offensive’ species of wildflower or mammal, we are less likely to miss a creature that is so secretive anyway and one who has a bit of an image problem at the best of times; Adders are as much entitled to protection and conservation efforts as any of the more charismatic fauna and flora we share our island with and evidence suggests they may even be more vulnerable to change than we think.

This is where your input into the ‘Add an Adder’ project comes in. Anyone can collect information and research the presence of Adders local to you, it is in fact something you can do at school as a class project or even while propping up the bar in your local!! Not many conservation projects can be carried out like that!"


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