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Adding an Adder record - Location

Although the map can pinpoint a location within a few yards you can need only select the approximate centre of the relevant area if necessary.
Either a) Simply drag and drop the marker to the location, double clicking or using the map's '+' and '-' signs to zoom as appropriate. OR
b) Alternatively some find it easier to zoom in and centre the map over the location and then click on the [Get the Marker] button immediately below the map and then make final adjustments to the marker.
When you have the location pinpointed, complete the boxes below the map and then hit the [Send Location] at the bottom.  
As confirmation, please enter the postcode of the location (if known), the location name and the nearest town and county
Postcode (if known) Location Name (if any)
Nearest Town County*
*Note: Since we are particularly interested in historical records, the counties list above uses the traditional counties rather than the modern political divisions.